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Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Currently

It's that time of the month again.....for Farley's ever popular Currently!  I stayed up "late" Thursday night working on this, but then I was too tired to finish.  All the stuff (minus what I'm listening to) still applies though.  

As a "newbie" at my new school, I'm so blessed to have several teachers my age and two that have become my "instant besties".  We have decided to have girls night every other Thursday night and rotate houses.  This week we had our first girls night, and it was sooooo much fun:)  

I just ordered my fall riding boots on Wednesday night, and they should arrive some time next week.  I didn't put my order in early enough though; the cold weather has arrived before the boots!!!!

Holler if you've read Divergent (book #1)!!!  It's sooooo good!  If you haven't read it, in the words of my old roommate, DO NOT START IT (YET)!  Book # 3 doesn't come out for another year.  AHHH!!! The agony of being one of the first people on the band wagon.  This never happens to me.  I'm always the follower (for reading books), Harry Potter I didn't read until like 7 years later, Twilight I didn't read until all the books were out, Hunger Games I read after they were all out, I'm still in the process of reading Immortal Instruments (since I'm borrowing them from my cousin and we live a little ways away I have to wait between books, but I don't think all those books are out yet), and now Divergent.  Man, this is like too much "up and coming" for me;)  It's like I'm ahead of the curve.  HAHAHA!  Yea right!  But seriously if you liked The Hunger Games or The Giver, READ Immortal Instruments and Divergent.  SOOO GOOD.

But it is my Halloween/fall/Thanksgiving book because it gave me nightmares the other night.  My nightmare totally related to the book, so I can't tell you about it, or I'd spoil it.  BUT reading the book was soo good, it made the nightmare worth it.

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FourthGrade Flipper said...

I LOVE your blog design (even is spring is my least favorite season! haha!). It is so colorful and like scrapbooking:) I am definitely going to have to check out Divergent!! I LOVE LOVE Hunger Games, The Giver, Harry Potter, Divergent sounds right up my ally if we have similar taste. I should recommend it to my book club. That is so great that you have connected with some colleagues already! Nothing better than girl time! Thank you for finding me through Farley and I am your newest follower!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Anonymous said...

I am taking an adolescent literacy class this semester as part of my grad work (very interesting considering I teach first grade!). For part of our class work, we have 3 book clubs that we have to participate it in each month. Next month is our series book club and our professor gave Divergent has one of the choices. I've already read The Hunger Games series. So now, after reading your post, I am really thinking about trying Divergent! Our professor really gave it rave reviews too. Now I can't wait to read it!

I found your post through Farley. I'm a new follower (btw-I taught special ed many years ago when I was fresh out of college). It's great that you have established such great connections, you really need them with your job!

An Apple a Day in First Grade

Chrissy said...

I just found your blog through the Currently link up. I need some new fall boots too. Maybe a little shopping would be just right today...
First Grade Found Me

Sasha Marie said...

I love girls nights too! It's so great to have friends at work - makes going to work so much more fun :)

- Sasha
The Autism Helper