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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

IEPs....Calling all Spec Ed Teachers:)

I had my first IEP meeting at my new school today....which means I had to write my first IEP for this school yesterday/today.  My new school does not have a nice computer based program for writing IEPs or doing grades.  That meant I had to write the whole IEP in Word Document!!!  Each form was in a separate document, i.e.: I-5, I-6, I-7, etc. were all in separate word docs.

Now, in my two short years of teaching, I clearly got spoiled by writing my IEPs in Skyward because I was ready to pull my hair out by the time my IEP rolled around.

How many of you have computer based programs specifically designed for writing IEPs?

What do you use?

Who handwrites/types documents in Word?

On a positive note....the secretary of our student services department schedules all our IEP meetings, so I do not have to call parents, schedule with teachers, etc.  That is nice:)


Angel Read said...

I haven't had to write a real IEP yet, but in student teaching we had to write a fake one, and we did it on Microsoft Word then. Really hard work!

Lisa Parnello said...

I'm in the same boat as you, but I'm at a private school. Luckily many of our kids are funded by districts who plug in the info (that I provide) into their fancy program. I've done the same as you and created a Word Doc when I've had to do it by hand. I suggest creating a "blank" master copy of the format in one document all merged together with each of those pages. Use page breaks in between to make sure things stay in the right places. Then you won't have to worry about forgetting an important page. I turned the "annual goals" page into a writable PDF form using Adobe Acrobat, then I can type the quarterly progress onto the form without messing anything up.

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Rebecca said...

I was lucky previously and worked in a district that had an online IEP program so everyone who needed could fill in their parts and it could be printed off as a complete document. (The downside: when it didn't save and you lost the work.)

I currently work in a district where I have to type the whole IEP in Word, which makes me realize how lucky I was.

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Life in Special Education said...

I haven't hand written an IEP in years. We use Easy IEP. It's not too bad, once you get used to it and it is so much better than writing out all of those standards/objectives by hand! Good luck! I hope your next IEP is much easier for you.

Kara said...

When I started, we actually hand wrote IEPs on district forms. Talk about crazy (and that was only 9 years ago, not 20 or anything!). My second year we moved to Word documents. A few years ago we finally moved online to Easy IEP. I loved that system! This year we switched to Tienet, another online system. It seems to have a lot more bugs than Easy IEP so I'm not sold on it yet. Good luck with yours!


Kate said...

We use Tienet. It is a pretty easy system to use. Good luck with your IEPs. You are lucky you don't have to schedule everything!

Christy said...

Our COOP uses Webkids. It's okay, could be more user friendly. During student teaching I used Infinite Campus which was even less user friendly. All have pros and cons, but much better than hand writing :) glad your able to use an online form.

Jacqui said...

Currently we use synergy which is connected to our student information system. It's great because we can access most of the information we need in one place. Before that we used seas. I like them both, not perfect, but pretty good. When I started out I had to handwrite them though. Just started following your blog. I'm a fellow special education teacher so it's fun finding other special ed. blogs.

Dave said...

Maybe your district would be interested in eStar Series™ by It is a web-based system for managing special population documants. Check it out at

Susan Elorza said...

I know this is old. but wow I can't imagine doing an entire IEP in Word! We use a program called Encore and while it has it's glitches I am suddenly very thankful!

Anonymous said...

This made me smile because I'm going through the same thing! It's my 3rd year teaching, but first year in a new county. We were spoiled, but it may be something you could suggest to your school rep.
:) Alyssa