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Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I have noticed many other bloggers saying, "The school year has been so busy I haven't had time to blog", "I'm kind of in a blogging funk", etc. I have been feeling the same way with the new school year.  Part of it is due to my lack of an overall plan/direction and part of it is because I haven't seen students much yet, so hopefully now that I have an overall plan and will be seeing students all day every day, I'll have a renewed vigor for blogging:-D

Every day after school I come home and read all the blog posts from the bloggers I follow, and I rack my brain for something to share with all of you, but I haven't been able to think of anything worth blogging about.

I'm sure many resource room teachers and Title teachers are in the same position as me, waiting for the classroom teachers to establish their routines and schedules before deciding when to pull your students for intervention times.  Well, I think starting tomorrow I think I'll be implementing my first schedule.

Another thing that was really difficult about planning my schedule, my school runs off a 6 day rotating schedule.  This is to support our specials schedules.  It has been very difficult to plan around this because some interventionists (OT/PT) run on a 5 day schedule and some things are done every Monday, but Mondays aren't all the same due to our 6 day rotating schedule.  Not to mention, it will make it very difficult to memorize my schedule.  But that's beside the point.  I think I'm finally happy with my schedule...for now.

My new school wants to implement as much push in services as possible, so the aids that I supervise will be spending most of their time in the regular education classrooms.  I'm also very excited that I will be doing a lot of co-teaching with our 2nd grade teachers!  (At this time 80% of my caseload is in 2nd grade, 20% in first grade, 0% in 3rd grade.)  I will be doing guided reading groups with our 2nd grade teachers and math.  This is my first time doing guided reading groups AND co-teaching.  So this will be a year of many new things (in addition to a new school and new students)!  I'm hoping to be blogging about our guided reading groups, co-teaching math, a new math curriculum (Expressions), and FREEBIES this year.

On a personal note, I completed a mud run with a friend yesterday!  It was our first mud run, and it was sooo much fun!  We felt so invigorated (and exhausted....and DIRTY) afterward.  Here is me all muddy!

Hope you're all getting a great start to the new year!


Kim @ Mrs. Hs Resource Room said...

I am also in that blogging funk! I feel guilty about not blogging, but then again I feel guilty about getting all of my school/family/home stuff done! There is a happy medium somewhere! :)
I am also schedule switching. This is a crazy time of year for sure. As soon as one schedule is in place, someone moves in to the district or something else changes. Here's to flexibility!! :)


Kathy said...

Andrew and I also did a mud run this summer! It was our first time too and was really fun. Definitely doing it again!

Miss DeCarbo said...

Congrats on your run! :) It sounds like you are in for an exciting year ahead. :)

Sugar and Spice

Sasha Marie said...

The mud run is SO fun!! Scheduling is so complicated and frustrating! It always works out - but the waiting and changing drives me nuts! Good luck :)

- Sasha
The Autism Helper

jelly andrews said...

This is really cool. I had a great time reading your post. This is really great. Thank you for sharing this one.

mae anderson said...

Oh! I haven’t tried mud run yet but it seems fun. I wish I could try it too. Thanks for sharing this one.