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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Understanding Poverty #6

Chapter 6 - Support Systems

Something many people living in poverty lack is the ability to self-talk.  This is due to having to feeling like they do not have many options, and it is why they often say, "I can't".  

How many of you teach procedural self talk?  I would like to do more of this in my classroom, but I haven't quite figured out how.

What I currently DO do is teach my students how to procedurally handle problems on the playground.  Every day before recess we go over what to do if someone pushes us too hard in tag, is ignoring us, won't play with us, makes us mad, etc.  We talk about how hitting at school is not acceptable and what the consequences are.  We also discuss the rewards of good behavior on the playground.

I would also like to start teaching procedural self talk for beginning tasks in the classroom and for how to appropriately talk to adults without being rude.  I would love to hear how you teach procedural self talk in your classroom!

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