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Monday, July 2, 2012

Top 10 Linky

YOUR Top 10 ________ hosted by Teaching My 3

Teaching My 3

Oh how I LOVE my iPhone<3  I miss "my iPad".  Since I have officially resigned and will be working at a new school next year, I had to return "my iPad" to the school.  (At my previous school, each teacher had an iPad and there was a "class set" of 30 housed in the library for teachers to check out and use in there classroom.)  I MISS having an iPad.  So in honor of the iPad, here are my favorite non school relate, just for me, apps.

1. Pinterest - Addicted.
2. Scamble with Friends, Free - I am not very good at it, but I love playing it.
3. Daily Ab Workout, Full Version - It is one of the few apps I have paid for on my phone and I LOVE it.  It gives me the ability to workout while I'm traveling (which is basically every other weekend since my boyfriend lives so far away...but I'm moving closer this school year! YAY!).
4. Whirly Word - You have 6 letters and you try to make as many words out of them as possible.  
5. Pandora - music on the go.
6. Sound Hound - Just incase I don't know what song is on the radio.
7. Facebook - just for when I'm waiting in line or have a free minute.
8. Words with Friends, Free - I will spend 10 minutes trying to find the play that will get me the most points.
9. Maps - because my GPS is crazy and doesn't take me the most logical routes on its own, so I have to do research each time....
10. Weather - I have all my "favorite" places on here (my town, my boyfriend's, my parent's, my brother's, my boyfriend's family's, my grandparent's, my school....) and I check it daily.

Hope you find an app to enjoy:)


Angel Read said...

Those are great apps! If you don't want to spend the money for a real iPad for yourself, I would highly recommend the Kindle Fire. That's what I have, and it does AlMOST everything an iPad can do, and is just a little smaller. It has really filled my iPad craving! :D

Michelle_special_ed_teacher said...

Oh! You have introduced me to a few new apps. I'm addicted to my iPad. I think my husband is sorry he ever bought it for me, but it was just about the best present ever! I love your CVC, CVCe and long vowel lists. I'm going to use these with the little girl I tutor and within my students reading portfolios next year.

Homemade First Grade said...

I don't have a ipad but I really want one. Thanks for sharing the apps. I am your newest follower. Homemade First Grade.