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Friday, July 20, 2012

School Memory Linky

I just got really excited:)

Jennifer at Simply Kinder is having a linky party where you link up your memories from kindergarten (or whatever grade you teach).

Since I teach k-4 maybe I should do one for each grade level....

  • I remember we weren't supposed to talk while we washed our hands when the teacher went with the two milk helpers to get our milk for snack.  I whispered to another kid to scoot up in line or something like that, and all the other kids told on me.  So the teacher made me sit behind her desk in time out while I cried for a LONG time.  The teacher had to console me cause I wouldn't stop crying, I was mortified that I was in trouble.
  •  For a good memory - we had our kindergarten graduation and we reenacted Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
First Grade
  • One of the other students in my class kept saying "Teacher" to get the teacher's attention.  So the teacher started calling her student.
  • The same student stapled her finger.
Second Grade
  • I don't really remember a whole lot, but I know we did a ton of fun crafts.
Third Grade
  • I would always ask the teacher if I could stay in for recess because my best friend would stay in to do homework, and I wanted to stay in with her.
  • We made rock candy in science class.
Fourth Grade
  • My teacher would have "Bear Parties" as incentives for good behavior.  If the class was good we got a bear in the jar.  We needed 100 bears to get a party.
  • During Teacher Appreciation week a local radio station had kids call in with things their teachers did.  I called in and shared about the parties, being young, over the phone the radio announcers couldn't understand me well and they thought I said my teacher had "beer parties".  Since my story was humorous I obviously made the radio:)  My family still gets a good laugh out of that.

Looking back, I'm surprised I don't remember more from when I was little.  I think I probably remember the most from first grade.

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