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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Understanding Poverty #5

A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne, Ph. D.

Chapter 5 - Reflection

Does your school incorporate looping to help strengthen student bonds?  Do they have mentors or check in/check out systems for students who need positive role models?

- At the school I worked at for the last 2 years, the PTO sponsored a raffle to help raise money for school activities.  Teachers were asked to donate something for the raffle.  Instead of buying a toy many teachers would donate their time to participate in an activity with the student.  Some teachers would bake cookies, go on a bike ride, have lunch with, or build a bird house with their prize winner.  

- I also provided a check in/check out system for many of my students.  We talked about what good behaviors we needed to work on for the day and what the benefit of these good behaviors was.  I wish I had listened more about what students did the night before/how their morning was going.  Well, there is always room for improvement next year!

Are you a role model for your students?

How?  (check in/check out, teaching students to look for options, goal setting, what do you do???)

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Alana Gilliam said...

Our inclusion teachers loop with their class to create those strong bonds. I loop with my caseload to help create bonds with parents. I work closely with my caseload students to ensure they are doing their best. I do weekly check ins during my prep. I pull them from a class to chat about how their week has gone and if I can provide any help.