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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Understanding Poverty #3

A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne, Ph.D.

Chapter 3 - Reflection

Payne included a quiz for readers on how they would survive amongst poverty, middle class, and wealthy people.  Then she included the hidden rules for each class.  It was interesting to see what skills I have and where I feel I fit on the scale.  It was also interesting to see what skills I didn't have and how those would be important to people of other classes.

(How) Do you teach your students to do things we take for granted - setting a table, using credit card/checking/savings account, health/disability/housing insurance, going to college, interest rates/loans,  what to do if you don't know how to complete homework (besides ask parents), decorating for holidays, how to answer a phone/take a message, problem solving, washing clothes/dishes, what to do instead of hitting someone, or getting a library card?

Are there any other skills you teach that you consider something children should learn at home?

Many of these are probably more relative for high school but things I still thought were important to consider.