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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Field Trip

I finally got my photos loaded to my computer!  Since I've been away from home for awhile (summer traveling to see family and friends), I forgot my camera cord, TERRIBLE, I know!  So I'm using my mom's camera and cord right now.  Those cameras that can import pictures to your computer automatically (without cords) are sounding really nice about now...

Any way, at the end of the school year, the elementary and middle school EBD section of our Special Ed Department got together to have an end of the year reward field trip.  The students could not have any poor behavior slips (or had to earn X amount of points), had to have homework turned in, etc. in order to go.

We had hoped to go to Lambeau field, but it was unavailable.  So we went to the zoo and an amusement park near by.

Here are some pictures from the zoo...
Kiddos with the Peacock! The peacocks roam free, so the kids loved following them
 and trying to get them to open their feathers.

One of only 3 girls out of 20+ students on the trip. 

This student's other teacher had a bearded dragon, so he wanted his picture with this lizard:)

My four kiddos on the trip.

My four hanging by the penguins.

We had a great time at the zoo, then we were off to the amusement park.  This is sadly my only picture.  It's a great picture though!!  So full of excitement!!

By the time we had gotten done eating there wasn't much time left for rides.  Since I work with the emotional behavioral students, this was a bit of an ordeal!  I had to pull one student out of line for a ride, so that we could get on the bus and another student had a break down because he could not reach the pedal on the bumper cards/didn't know how to operate the bumper cars.  I FELT TERRIBLE!

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