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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tech Tuesday - Interactive WhiteBoards

So last week I went to a training on SmartBoards, which taught me how to use SmartNotebook, which was awesome, but my school uses a different software.  Fail.

So I thought I'd try to help out some of you that have SmartNotebook....

Here are some really cool things about SmartNotebook....

  • There are a TON of already made flip charts on SMART Exchange.  So definitely check there before creating anything of your own!  It might just save you a ton of time.
    • Some teachers do calendar time on their board.
    • Teachers create charts to go with math and reading curriculums (just search whatever    curriculum and unit you are on.)
    • If you use ActivInspire, you can go to Promethean Planet to do the exact same things.
  • For word work or spelling practice: Fridge magnets,  To find this, search the Gallery, by clicking on the 2nd tab on the left of the screen.  The tab looks like a little framed picture, it's right above the paperclip tab.  Once you're in the Gallery, search "fridge magnets". 
  • You can also google "paper" and put the background as lined paper and have students practice writing spelling words or their name or anything else on the board. 
  • There are also dice, timers, and spinners you can search for in the same manner.  
    • The spinners are changeable, so you can spin to put your students in groups.
    • Or you can have 3 spinners and have students create CVC words and determine if they are (un)real. 
    • Or you could have students make numbers by spinning 2 or 3 different spinners.
    • OH the spinner potential!!!
  • One of the things I thought was the coolest (not the most practical, but coolest none the less) was that you could free hand draw a shape, and then right click on it and select Shape Recognition.  I just think it's cool:)

So here is what my interactive white board set up looks like.  It uses a Wii remote to make a regular old white board interactive.  Once you know how to use it, it's pretty easy:)  And a lot cheaper than the alternatives....

And here is a close up picture of what my projector and Wii remote look like:)


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