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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinterest Finds

My love for Pinterest has me checking back daily for new ideas.  Any time I start to get bored in my classroom I look at one of my pinboards so I can implement a new idea.  When my boyfriend comes to visit, I (try) to make at least one of the dishes I have pinned.  So far Pinterest has helped me implement some new things in my classroom and in the home to make things a little more exciting!

pinterest linky

I'm linking up with Views From Room 205 to share some of my favorite pins this year!

I made this for my birthday<3
I made this last summer:)
crescent breakfast ring - made with crescent rolls, bacon, egg, and cheese - turned out super yummy and was so easy to make.
This was easy and yummy:)

Pumpkin French Toast
Another yummy recipe.
Mothers Day Crafts
This was the inspiration for my classes's
Mother's and Father's Day gifts.

Reindeer thumb print ornaments
This pin made want to make a new
Christmas ornament for my
boyfriend every year.

Germ lesson plan
Good manners/health craft.

Question words
This poster has made is easier for my students to
learn question words.

Words to live by - Jeremiah 29:11
Great passage.
 Story of my running life
So true.

Makes me happy:)


Alana Gilliam said...

I have made the breakfast ring twice for morning meetings. It was a big hit both times and I made it before school so it didn't take much time at all.

Have a Great Day,
Special Teaching in the Middle

Rachel Lamb said...

I love the owl! so cute! thanks for linking uP!