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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Parents Visit

     This week my parents came to visit:)  Since my dad runs the family farm, with my mom's help of course, there is not a lot of time for them to come visit me.  In the spring there is the planting, replanting, spraying, etc.  The summer months I spend a lot of time at home.  In the fall he spends a lot of time making sure all the machinery is ready for harvesting.  Then when the corn is finally ready there are a lot of late nights and early morning spent combining, drying corn (to take the moisture out so it weighs less for hauling and so it doesn't mold), and then plowing so the ground is ready for the spring.  Now, you'd think that means winter is the perfect time for them to visit...but if there are any snow storms my dad is responsible for plowing.  So they are a busy couple of people!

     Well, they took a couple days off this week and came to visit me and made a guest appearance in my classroom.  The kids were even more excited than I anticipated!  One of my kindergarteners was so excited he would ask me every 20 minutes or so, "Is it almost time for them to get here?"  "Are they here yet?"  "Is that them?"  And to my surprise when he pointed out the classroom window and said, "Is that them?"  IT WAS THEM!  While they were walking around the perimeter of the school we were "chasing them" from the inside, trying to figure out what door they were coming in.  The student was beaming from ear to ear the whole time!

My dad began by showing the students pictures 
of our farm from a scrapbook I made for my dad.

Then Mom showed them the toy versions of the machinery.

So they got to play for a little bit.
Practiced sharing....

Then each of the students got to plant some corn.

They added the dirt.

Watered the plant.

And last but not least the students got to show my dad the interactive whiteboard.  My dad has been to several demonstrations and seen several speakers use SmartBoards, but he was still curious to see it up close and personal.  ESPECIALLY since my board also doubles for a plain old white board.  

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