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Friday, May 25, 2012

Assessments and Freebie

Check out mine and some of the other Manic Monday freebies:)

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This year I have tried very hard to strengthen my assessments and data collection, especially as it relates to observing behaviors and IEP goals.  When it comes time write quarterly reviews for IEP goals it makes the process so much easier when you have concrete data visible from the whole quarter.  It is also nice to have dates to show progress (or regression) and trends (poor behaviors happen a lot on Tuesdays during gym or when there is a sub or on Monday mornings because the student didn't sleep much over the weekend).

While reading Busy Bees Blog I noticed that they have students fill in a calendar of their own daily behavior.  I really like this idea for next year.  It gives students the opportunity to see how they are doing. If a student has a daily reward for good behavior it might be eye opening for the student to see that they haven't met their goal in a week but they made it 10 days in a row earlier in the month.

Here is a little something I use to track my students' progress...nothing fancy.

IEP Goal Tracking

I still have not figured out how to insert pictures from TpT...hopefully I will figure this out soon.


Primary Possibilities said...

I love the behavior graphs also. I think of it too as a backup for conduct grades or study skill grades. If parents question your grade, you can refer back to this and the students acknowledgement is right there too!

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Christi at Ms. Fultz's Corner said...

Yes, yes, yes! I've found that visuals like these help everyone- students, parents, and teachers. Great idea!

Christi ツ
Ms. Fultz’s Corner

Fern Smith said...

This is wonderful, thank you for sharing! I ♥love♥ your blog!
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