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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Techno Tuesday

The 3 AM Teacher is having an awesome linky party to give her followers the opportunity to suggest different tech-y things we would like to learn how to do! How awesome! I'm so excited to learn more tech-y things:-D

Here is what I would like to learn my own discovery or with a little nudge from someone who has already done it:)

1.  How do you host a linky party?
2.  How do you make a picture into a link?
3.  How do I make a way cuter button than I already have?
4.  How do you make add to and save a picture/document like Farley's Currently linkys?  Mine was a complete fail:(

Thank you for all your help Michelle!  I can't wait to learn some new tech-y stuff!

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Michelle Tsivgadellis said...

Your list if actually questions I get a lot through emails!! Thank you for participating and I have your ideas added!! (-;

I think the first tutorial I am planning is "how to create a grab button for your blog". This seems to be one many want to learn.

I love your blog by the's super cute!!

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