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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tech Tuesday

I am blessed to have an interactive whiteboard, 2 lap tops, and an iPad (with another on the way) in my classroom.  I LOVE using technology in my classroom.

Just last week I had the brilliant idea to have one of my student jobs be turning on the computers.  This fulfills one of my professional development plan (PDP) goals, and it eliminates one thing I have to do in my classroom every morning.  Currently, my students keep their classroom job until I decide it's not working and something needs to be changed.  So right now, my "computer programmer" plugs the lap tops in and turns them on.

I try to use the computers on a daily basis to type spelling words and letters, use, practice reading sight words, playing rhyming games, etc.

A student using one of the lap tops in my room. 

My school is working to incorporate RtI groups at every grade level.  This is my group of kids and our Intervention Specialist's group of students working on math games.

As a Special Education teacher I work with a wide range of ability levels.  Some of the rhyming, phonics, and sight word games can be used during Daily 5.  Here are some of mine and my students' favorite online games.

Good math practice for pk-6!!
Make sure to keep scrolling for the one above! I didn't realize there were math games!
I haven't tried this one yet, but I want to soon!

Hope you find something you want to use in your classroom!


The Hands-On Teacher said...

Great websites! I love ABCya! I'm glad you joined my Linky Party!
I am your newest follower.

Ms. Jessica said...

I haven't heard of xtra math before but I'm checking it out now! I too have a "computer technician" job in my classroom and it makes a world of difference! I teach that student how to fix any computer problems (like hitting the Caps Lock Key, or dragging an item off the screen) and it makes managing the computers much easier!
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