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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Field Trip

Tomorrow I'm traveling even farther NORTH, and some of my students and I are going on a fun and exciting trip!  We are going snow tubing!  My kids are excited, and we are going with a couple other classes in our district: an elementary class of students with autism, a middle school ED class, and a middle school CD class.  All our kids had to EARN going on our trip.  I think I'm as excited as the kids!

After school today, the other Elementary teacher and I went grocery shopping.  We are grilling for about 35 people!  We have 40 burgers, 40 hot dogs, 80 buns, 2 cheese and cracker platters, 5 gallons of juice, 2 bags of chocolate candy, ketchup, mustard, cheese slices, 50 bags of chips, about 20 bananas, 20 apples, hot chocolate, and the middle schoolers made desserts!  I don't think we'll be going hungry!

I'm going to try to get some great camera is charging now, hope I don't forget it...or I'll have to resort to the camera phone.

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Angel Read said...

That sounds like an awesome field trip! And I thought I was lucky because we got to go mini-golfing!