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Monday, February 20, 2012

IEP/FBA Workshop

Last week I went to an IEP/FBA Workshop.  I didn't really learn anything new, but they gave us some great refeshers.  Just thought I'd share, and maybe some others could use some reminders like I needed:)  These might be some helpful pointers to share with your paras as well.  I think I'll print them up and share them with my paras.

General Reminders
- Remember kids didn't get the behavior problem overnight, you won't be able to fix it over night.
- Unteaching and then reteaching positive behaviors takes 8-12 times as long as teaching a new behavior.
- Often we have to teach the "hidden curriculum".  Like what is "on time", "how do we walk in the hallway", "what is proper bathroom etiquette?" To teach this we need to, "practice, practice, practice".
- Focus on positive behaviors! We should be using 4 positives to 1 negative (not the previously thought 8 positives to 1 negative); however, most schools have 1 positive to 7 negatives.
- Kids with bad behavior believe negative attention is better than no attention.
- It can take 4-8 weeks before you see positive changes when you start a new intervention.  In Kentucky they were required to use an intervention for 30 school days before they could legally count it as an intervention.

FBA Reminders
- In WI, you HAVE to have an FBA if an EBD student was suspended for more than 10 days or is looking at expulsion. If the bill passes, starting September 1, 2012 any time behavior is listed as a "Special Factor", and FBA will be necessary.
- However, it is best practice to have an FBA for every eval, reeval for a student with behavior goals, and if what you're currently doing with a student isn't working.
- Things that you should ask yourself in an FBA - "why now?", "why here?", and "why me?"
- Format to consider for an FBA, "When __________ occurs, student does ________ in order to ________."  Also, include present levels.
- Data collection is important.  Use a behavior log.  Document students levels.  Think of it this way, "If you won the lottery and quit tomorrow, would the person to take your position know how your students are progressing towards their goals?"

Here is the document I'll be sharing with my paras.  Let me know if it's useful for you:)

I had it typed in a cute font, but I lost the font when I uploaded it, bummer.  Hope you can still use it though:)


Ms. Rachel said...

It's great to have these reminders! Thanks!

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Mrs. Schatz said...

This is awesome thank you so much

Hailey Deloya said...

These are great reminders for paraprofessionals! I know always have to remind myself as well as my paraprofessionals of these things as well! I may need to post this in my room. Thanks!