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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pictures of my Classroom

This is my reading area.  Students can put the blue mat down to sit or lay on to read, the can sit on the bouncy balls, or the carpet.  The shelves contain numerous books.  Some of them have been leveled; however, the ones visible straight ahead have not been labeled.  When students are "reading to self" or "reading to a partner" as part of the Daily 5, they can sit in this area.

The books in the orange boxes and on the white shelf on the right are leveled.  This is to help students quickly find books at their level.  During Daily 5 there are iPick (I pick books for purpose, interest, comprehension, and cause I know the words).  With the books leveled, I feel more comfortable with students picking books they will comprehend better, and by giving them the opportunity to choose from books at their level, I hope that it will increase their interest in the books they are reading.

This is my work station.  On the top left are my bulletin boarders and posters boxes, in the top middle shelf I have DVDs/VHSs, in the cubbies I have books I frequently use and pics to remind me of my family.  The large clock is a visual timer for when my students are taking breaks or need to wait a certain length of time before going to the next activity.  Since time is a difficult thing to grasp, I set the visual timer if students need to work for 10 minutes before music time, they can see the red area decrease as the time till music decreases.

This will be my main student work area.  The whiteboard does double duty as an interactive whiteboard using a Wii remote.  I haven't gotten to use it much yet or see what it can do because it is new to my classroom.  I'm super excited to use it though.  I have a sink, so all my students will be washing their hands first thing when they come to my classroom.

The bulletin board is for student work samples.  The filing cart is for my students to organize the school mail.  The red pocket hanger is for students to put work to take home.  I will put themed/seasonal/special author books in the book display.

Not pictured - Secondary work table.

Not pictured - Listening station.

I LOVE MY CLASSROOM!  I can't wait to start teaching students in it tomorrow!!!


Kelli said...

Your classroom is fantastic!!! :-)

kjohnson4 said...

Thanks Kelli! I love it! It is about a million times better than my room last year:-D How is your year starting off?