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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Classroom Jobs

This post is all about my classroom jobs....

I currently don't have specific people labeled do do specific jobs.  Instead, it more or less depends on who is behaving-rewards and who is in my room when I need a job done.

My school jobs include....

Secretary's Assistants - help count handouts that go to each classroom, sharpen pencils
Event Coordinator - changes the calendar monthly, changes the calendar poster daily
Mail carriers - helps sorts and deliver our school mail
Veterinarian - feeds the class fish and cleans the tank
Landscaper - waters and prunes school plants

Additionally, I would like to try to have someone who answers the phone when my paraprofessional and I are busy.  However, I'm not sure I'm ready to hand over that much control/responsability to one of my students, but I do think it would help my students work on their social skills.

These jobs have required a lot of modeling and practice to ensure that my students are completing the tasks correctly, but it is worth it to me because students are working on OT and speech goals on top of academic and social skills.

The secretary's assistants have been working on counting, motor skills to separate and the pages, straighten them in to nice piles, put paper clips on the stacks of paper, and writing skills because students have to write the teachers' names on a post-it that goes on top of each classes stack of papers.  Things went much better today because I spent much more time modeling what the students were supposed to do and breaking the task in to steps.  I also use this as a time to talk about team work because this gets done much faster with more people working on it.  Since we have only been doing this for 2 days, I am still 2nd counting the handouts, but I hope to be able to stop doing that soon.  It currently takes about 3 students 20 minutes to do this task.  We will see how much faster they get at this task in the up coming weeks!

The Event Coordinator changes my magnetic calendar monthly.  This helps my students learn the months of the year and days of the week.  It also helps them work on counting and when holidays are.  On a daily basis, the event coordinator also has to update the calendar poster.  The calendar poster has blanks for "today is," "yesterday was," "tomorrow is," "the month is," "we have been in school for __ days," etc.

This is my first year initiating a school wide mail program.  All students are welcome to write to other students or staff as part of an assignment or during free time.  Teachers are not required to utilize the mail system, but I gave suggestions for incorporating it in standards based assessments or activities the teachers have students complete any way.  Ideas included invitations for plays, thank you notes, pen pals, persuasive letters, informative letters, postcards, etc.  I have a big blue mail box outside of my classroom for the students to put the mail in.  The mail carriers are responsible for sorting the mail in to files, each teacher has a file with their name on it.  Then my students deliver the mail!  They practice walking quietly in the hallway, using greetings, saying please and thank you, quietly entering a classroom, answering questions, etc.  Plus, the other students in school LOVE getting mail, so they are very excited when my students show up:-D  This is working well so far, and I love it!

I haven't actually had any my students perform the most important Veterinarian task - cleaning the fish bowl!  So we will have to see how this goes.  I am hoping if I break it down in to little steps my students will be great at it!  However, feeding the fish has turned in to a very nice reward/incentive for my students!

I haven't had anyone perform Landscaper duties yet either.  I only have one plant, so I am contemplating asking other teachers if they have plants that they would like my students to come water too.  Not sure about this one yet.

I like my real world job titles too because they allow for conversations about real world jobs.

If you have any other job ideas you would like to share, please do!

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