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Monday, September 5, 2011

Beginning 2011-2012

I had a rough start to my school year, this year!  I can only imagine, if my first day of school my first year of teaching had been like my first day of school my second year of teaching....I would not have made it to year 2.

Half of the tantrums on day one resulted because I would not let a little one cut in line.  Yes, it was the first day of school, but I did not want my students getting in to bad habits, which would be harder to break later in the school year.  What I learned from this: do NOT give in, even if a 20 minute tantrum results.  It is important to stick to your guns once you have decided something.  It may be hard at first, but it gets better.  Day two was much better.  My little one whined about a couple of directions, but did not have a tantrum!  After the 3 day weekend, we will see if he remembers what we learned the first day of school.

My boyfriend made day 1 so much better by sending me these!

This weekend I created my weekly schedule for interventions with individual students.  Tomorrow, will be my first day following my schedule.  I will be taking students for math, reading, spelling, writing, and social skills interventions based on their needs.

Tomorrow I will mostly be doing assessments to see how much information my students remember from last year.  Assessments include letters, sounds, sight words, spelling words, money, time, addition, subtraction, and a reading benchmark.

Things I need to do -
* print picture schedules on BoardMaker
* make sensory bins
* do student assessments
* find out if any of my students need para support in specials classes
* confirm intervention schedule with regular ed teachers
* finish organizing files
* organize my daily 5
* adopt new student's IEP

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