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Saturday, August 27, 2011


This has been one busy week with back to school teacher inservice! Everyone is busy trying to get their classrooms ready.

Our district laminator is now located at the school I work at. This will be very convenient to laminate whenever necessary; however, that means we are now responsible for changing the laminate rolls when they run out! After our laminator went on a 3 week vacation to the cleaner, it returned this week. Within one hour of it's return I had to change the laminator rolls. I was very proud of myself because with the help of one other teacher I completed this timely task. Now all of my posters, signs, and bulletin board stuff is laminated.

Bulletin Boards
This week I created 2 bulletin boards, both are based off our school theme: sports. The baseball bulletin board is part of my behavior management program. When students behave they earn moves around the baseball diamond. They can collect runs and trade the runs for rewards.on the other hand, when they misbehave they will receive strikes, three strikes equal an out. Based on their behavior contract they will lose privileges.

The second board is to show case students' hard work.  It is titled "All Star Work".

Mail System
This year I am starting a new program. It is an all school mail system. I presented this idea at our staff meeting, and people seemed very receptive. This week, I also received my catalog orders for the year. I purchased a big blue mailbox which is located outsidE my room for students to drop their mail in. I also got a file cart for my students to organize the ail in before delivery. I am so excited about this mail system! Get the sample mail system guidelines document.

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