Welcome to my blog:) Since I am so far away from my friends and family, I want to keep you updated on the fun and trials of my new job. Thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement, and the tips/ideas you may offer!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last few weeks of my first year

The last 2 months of school have flown by.  I'm going to try to write about as many things as I can remember.

For Mother's Day my students decorated flower pots with puffy paint, and then I planted flowers in each pot for the students to give their mom's.  Despite practicing how to use puffy paint on a piece of paper ahead of time, the students had a difficult time using the puffy paint SPARINGLY.  There were HUGE globs of paint on most of the flower pots.  I was also surprised that only 2 of my 10 students decorated their flower pot with a pattern, design, picture, or words.  I wish I had had more time, so the students could plant their own flowers.  Additionally, it would have been nice to talk with the students more about taking care of plants.

For Father's Day the students are decorating can coozies (to keep pop cans cool).  Again, the students are using puffy paint.  However, this time I gave students the option to use permanent markers instead.  The students who chose to use the puffy paints have definitely improved.  That was very exciting to see!  I was walking around the room while all the students started decorating their can coozies, by the time I reached one of my students he had already (legibly) written "beer" on his coozie.  That made my day:)

Another student was working with the paraprofessional.  The student was reading a book about farms for the first time.  So to prepare for the book, they were discussing the topic of farms.  The para asked the student, "Have you ever been to a farm?"  The student responded, "Yes."  Para, "Who's farm?"  Student, "McDonalds."

I attended my first Timber Rattlers Game with the 3rd graders!  It was very cool to see all the 3rd graders on the field reciting "Casey At Bat."  It was also cool to see Chumley and MJ working!  It was crazy how it rained 3 different times during the game.  All the kids had a lot of fun any way.

I recently attended a workshop on Crisis Prevention Training, deescalating severe behaviors.  Mostly we were reminded/taught to be empathetic, give students lots of choices when they are being difficult, give them space, keep them talking/thinking, etc.  We were also taught how to correctly defend ourselves and restrain students....very interesting.

I have good news for next year:  I have my same job next year AND I will be getting a bigger classroom:-D