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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Semester 1 is Coming to an End

We returned to school on January 3rd, and it was more than a little disappointing to go back to a 50 degree school (especially since Brian was in Jamaica).  Sadly, my roommate and co-worker in the classroom adjacent to mine lost her fish that day.  We had to tell our students that the poor fish froze to death.  Luckily, that hasn't put a damper on the rest of 2011!

My student mentioned in a previous blog (who was having significant behavioral problems:  wetting pants, hitting, etc. to try to get sent home) is on a new behavior management program.  It has been working well.  Every morning and afternoon he behaves he is reward with 15 minutes of free time, among other things.  So far this is working well!  Keep your fingers crossed for me:)

On  Friday I have my second observation by my supervisor.  She will be coming to observe one of my social skills groups.  During group we will be doing yoga - a great calming technique and an introduction to physical activity.  I am hoping this goes well.

Friday is also the end of the quarter, so IEP goals and grades are due in a week and a half.  Things will definitely be busy!  I am also attending an inservice next week to learn to use Boardmaker.  We are also purchasing a new curriculum for the Special Ed department.  It will be interesting to see the new materials.

I can't believe I am almost half way through my first year!!!!

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Audrey said...

Oh Boardmaker! I never had any inservice- just trial and error and other teachers helping me out in the office. I LOVE it though