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Thursday, December 2, 2010

So much to do, so little time

This post is dedicated to my brother....Love you Keaton...apparently he is getting bored without hearing about his sister's life...P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY:)

It's a little late, but here is my Thanksgiving bulletin board.  During group one day, students cut out pictures of things they were thankful for, and then they categorized them under people, places, and things.

It has been a hectic 3 months.  I have already taken 6 sub days in order to complete my middle school special ed referals.  I enjoy going to the middle school to meet the teachers there, get new teaching ideas, see a new setting, and work with older students.  However, it is a lot of work to write sub plans!

I spent about 2 hours writing my first sub plan and at least an hour on every other one since.  So far I have spent 7 hours (or a full days work) just writing sub plans!  The benefit:  my substitutes love me!!!  I have great detail, multiple activities (to prevent my kids from getting bored), and yes, I'm bragging about my sub plans.

I am up to 8 students in my tiny classroom now!  I had to split my group social skills group in half, so I only have 4 kids at a time.  My room can't handle all 8 kids at a time, and to be honest, I'm not sure I could either.  On Wednesday I had my first group since I split the students in half.  It was so nice to work with such a small group.  I was able to talk more with each student, and I enjoyed it much more.  Instead of constantly telling all the students at once to be quiet, raise your hand, etc.  Also, I have to rearrange my classroom.  I'm getting bored of it, and when I have 3 or 4 kids in my room there it too much commotion.  All my tables are on the same part of my room.  Since my room is so small, I'm not sure how I will change things, but I must!  I only have outlets on one side of my room, so that makes things much more difficult.  If you are great at fung shui or just arranging classrooms let me know:-D

Also, if you have any great ideas to get one of my students to stop miss behaving let me know.  He tried wetting his pants to get sent home (after 3 times we realized it was a game, and he can't go home any more).  Then he hit me to try to get sent home (that didn't work).  Now he is on to puking to get sent home.

Despite being super busy and a little overwhelmed (which I hear is very normal even for experienced teachers) I'm loving my job:)


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